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Every Scott Rich® print is an original photograph taken by Scott & has a story to tell...


The high resolution photos are then designed and finalized by Scott, using digital media to create the original art that is printed onto a variety of fabrics by using a sustainable dyeing process that uses zero water & creates zero waste. The printing  permanently dyes the fibers of the fabric for lasting vibrant color & detail.  Every Scott Rich® design is crafted in quality machine & hand washable fabrics.


The versatile fabrics include Athletic Lycra for swimwear and sportswear.  A soft & sheer resilient Chiffon and a slightly less sheer textured Crepe Georgette for dresses and tops, a durable Denim for jackets, Performance Knit for activewear & luxurious Satin for skirts, dresses and accessories.  Select fabrics include moisture wicking properties, are chlorine & saltwater proof & also provide UV protection.


Scott Rich® is an eco-friendly, colorful & sophisticated athleisure collection that is a fashionable mix of styles that easily transition from day to night. The refined comfortable style will always keep you feeling comfortable, looking stylish & standing out in a crowd!


As told to an interested San Diego Reader reporter, Scott Rich® is a fashion line “For people who want to be seen.”                                                                                                                                                                    -Scott Rich®

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