Scott Rich® creates fashion designs by uniting digital art & photography, using the eco-friendly dye-sublimation fabric dyeing process. This color printing technique uses heat that transfers ink to a gas, permanently dyeing the fibers of the fabric to create the most vibrant colors imaginable. The process itself is eco-friendly because it uses zero water & produces zero waste, unlike more common textile dyeing practices that pollute the Earth's water sources & leave a devastating & lasting impact on our environment.

Every Scott Rich® print is an original, one of a kind, photographic print & digital artwork. Don't let the detailed prints fool you however, all of the vibrant photo print fabrics are easy wear/easy care! 

Scott Rich® designs are made in eco-friendly, strong, high quality machine & hand washable natural, modern polyester & polyester blend fabrics. These fabrics are crucial to the dyeing process because they absorb the color very well & provide colorfast durability. Scott Rich® versatile fabrics include Faux Silk, Satin, Poly Crepe, Chiffon, Denim, Performance Knit & Sport Lycra for athletic & swimwear. In addition to being soft, comfortable & machine washable, select fabrics include moisture wicking to help keep you cool & comfortable & provide sun protection against UV radiation.  Scott Rich® fabrics are versatile & mix perfectly with the current popular trend in fashion that has become a fashion lifestyle known today as Athleisure wear.

Scott Rich® style  is colorful prints designed in current, comfortable styles & modern fabrics. Perfect for travel & the most active person, who likes being noticed & feel they are wearing designer clothes but not paying the designer price.

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